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        CONTACT US

        The Wuxi New Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Wuxi, a new Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 
        Address:, Luoshe Zhenyang City, Wuxi City 
        Chairman: Zeng Bay Mobile: 013906191683 
        Email: chuxinhuanbao@vip.163.com

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         eighties (the start-up stage 1981-1990) to change their management direction, under the leadership of Mr. Zeng Yong, a new Environmental Protection Equipment Factory through four major decision-making, to enable enterprises to develop, in the country and created a surface engineering equipment professional production industry.

        The first

        decisions: developed into many varieties plating and environmental protection equipment from a single plating tank drum processing.

        The second decision

        : the development of various forms of rack plating, barrel plating, ring plating automatic production line.

        third decision-making: the electroplating whole plant implement the plating equipment machinery and electrical, ventilation, water supply and drainage, waste management turnkey, namely the user to provide complete sets of electroplating environmental protection equipment to achieve a "turnkey" project outside than civil.

        The the fourth decision

        : from the 1988 Wuxi Little Swan tender, the successful first coating line to enter painting equipment manufacturing industry, electroplating coating loaded the environmental organic combination, perfect surface treatment industry.


        so I plant that can electroplated coating industry equipment, and can achieve in accordance with, debugging and waste governance turnkey, thus, I plant makes the combined plating, painting equipment, environmental protection equipment processing to the source to the end-of-pipe treatment combination, in the eighties to become the first national (environmental, plating, painting equipment company).

        and 1990s based on a historical turning point, concrete is divided into three stages

        first phase (1990-1996): the collective village enterprises --------- brilliant period of the new Environmental Protection Equipment Factory September 8

        1,1991 factory Road, Hong Kong, China joint venture "a new road plating equipment, Wuxi Co., Ltd. < / P> December

        2,1991 Taiwan Shengyuan signed a the established "Wuxi new Furniture Co., Ltd. joint venture letter of intent. I was began to build, but because of foreign reason for the joint venture minors, so I plant to start their own Wuxi new furniture factory. The the

        3,1995 years later, a new Environmental Protection Equipment Factory has been developed to a staff of 430 people, covers an area of ??108 acres, the annual output value of more than 60 million of the scale, each year about 50-60 projects, small product users about 300. To better serve users, factory project branch responsible for contracting accounting management, engineering equipment is divided into three plants and a furniture factory of four plants, operating, chief engineer office, finance, logistics plant management, branch = responsible for project design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of train services project management.

        second phase (1997-1998): the reform of the mechanism

        1997 reform at the end of the spring breeze blowing through the north and south. New environmental plant by collective enterprises into private enterprises, the original four plants under the Plant Management has also become an independent enterprise, this reform to overcome the idea of ??collective enterprises mess, give full play to the enthusiasm of everyone after the reform enterprises to adapt to the needs of the market, industry, economic development.

        the third phase (1998-2000): private enterprise foundation stage

        new Environmental Protection Equipment Factory (collective enterprises) gradually transformed on the basis of the formation of large, medium, small 20-30 different characteristics, the respective advantages of the industry groups . New Environmental Equipment Co. formed a joint-stock enterprise Chairman (corporate), Zeng Yong limit for shareholders over the backbone of the middle-level cadres. At this point, Mr. Zeng Yong Long, Marina excellent new Marina Yun Cheng Pan Dexing, Ran Fei, Xi Jiming, Guo-Hua Ding rising star represented "a new" inclusive, broad mind, harmony and unity in creating a market, customer service integrity. A statue of the new industry group the growth of private enterprise, as the size of the plating environmental township enterprises bigger and stronger paved a wide road.

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